Fusion of kitesurfing & sailing with life aboard a five star all inclusive hotel on water.

The Dream
Kitesurfing the amazing coastline while living on a luxurious catamaran.

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Escape the winter to the best Caribbean kite playground on Antigua and Barbuda. In summer visit the best of the Greece and Cyclades islands, like Mykonos and Paros. And test your skills in Meltemi wind.

Catamaran Kite Trip

The concept is simple. Kitesurf, sail, paddle, swim, snorkel, sunbathe and relax at day time. Chill in the evenings, explore historical grounds, enjoy gourmet meals. All this and more on the World's best kite and sail destinations.

Reviews Kiteboarding Cruise

Virgin kite spots, private sessions and epic downwinders

During your kite sessions you have a catamaran and a motorboat boat nearby. This gives you all the freedom and safety you need to relax and enjoy the kitesurfing. You can kiteboard from morning till sunset, while svoury meals are prepared by your chef. After dinner you can relax on board with local cocktails or explore the charming island towns.


Cruise Types


For families and groups of 2 - 8 guests. Guests will enjoy the privacy and space of the entire catamaran and flexible, fully customized itinerary. Your non-kiting family and friends will also enjoy the trip very much. Swimming with Stingrays, snorkeling at Cades Reef,hiking the islands, paddling, visit to Princes Diana’s and the Pink beach, visit to the largest nesting colony of frigate birds in the Caribbean. All these experiences are optional and recommended, and do not affect the kite and wing-foil schedule, so everybody wins.

This is also the recommended option when two families (or one) travel together, where each family can enjoy the comfort and privacy of one hull - one side of the catamaran with two double cabins. You can travel with younger children! Let us know, and we'll share more about the experiece of sailing with children.


Our kids enjoyed every moment and have done lots of activities, SUP, swim, snorkel, dive from the boat, kitesurf... All in all, a prefect family holiday, which we would recommend to anyone. Family from Holland


Ideal kite cruise for couples, friends, individuals, smaller groups and families who wish to meet other people with common interests. You can book one or more cabins - the so called by the cabin trip. We have very good experience with shared cruises as people joining share common interests. And make a very good company.

We didn't know the other guests, yet after a day or two we felt like we've been friends forewer.


Catamaran and powerboat surveillance / rescue service

When kite launch is done from the yacht it is safe, simple and done by the crew.

Monitoring the weather conditions 24/7

The Crew
Experienced sailing and water sports crew

Sea Life
Safe areas without dangerous animals

Warm and clean water

No Crowds
Almost private and therefore safer kite spots

With safety measurements and advanced riders only


Spacious and comfortable.

Catamaran Kite Trip

Guests cabins have smart design to maximize the use of available space. There's standing height throughout the catamaran - even for the taller guests. The double beds are queen size and the lenght suitable also is for the taller guests. The cabins have several storage cabinets for all your clothing and items. Each guest cabin has a private bathroom.


Large water tanks provide sufficient water for personal hygiene, dish cleaning and maintaining overall boat tidiness. With watermaker/desalinator/purifyer installed we fill tanks regularly, so the catamaran is independent an you don't loose any time for refilling the tanks around the islands. Outside stern shower is also available on the boat for rinsing after water activity.


Catamaran has standard EU/US electrical sockets located in each cabins. In addition there are USB sockets and standard 12V sockets, suited to insert USB adapter using USB cables to charge. You are able to charge phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and other devices at all times.


The toilets are electric and automated meaning you only need to press the button for flushing.

Our catamarans are wide and with excellent sailing performance. Smart layouts offer all the space for storing the kite equipment and paddles. With several lounge areas throughout the catamaran, there's plenty of space for mingling or having time for yourself. Inner and outer salon offer comfortable dining and the catamaran has comfotable cushioning throughout the catamaran. Depending on the location we offer different catamarans perfect for kite trips with generous storage space for kitesurf equipment. Because of the two hulls they are more stable and thus suitable for people prone to seasickness. Catamarans are sailing boats with two motors for auxiliary propulsion. With smaller draft they are able to reach shallow waters. Also perfect for those who wish to learn sailing during the cruise.

These five star catamarans have 4 spacious and luminous double en suite guest cabins with bathrooms and 2 single crew cabins. The main saloon with navigational corner and living room space is connected to a fully equipped kitchen. Helm station in stern with “open“ area salon is fully cushioned for maximum comfort. Lounge areas on the upper deck and net area in the front offer both privacy and space to mingle.

Top, Front and Back decks give extra space for sunbathing and socializing. The living space is super comfortable - no wonder catamarans are referred to as houses on water. Sometimes, while hosting families with young kids we could accommodate up to 10 guests on one boat alone or we would have 2 boats for same or larger groups.


All Inclusive Food & Drinks
with Chef


Complete service with three meals per day, fresh fruits, snacks, drinks and modearate alcohol drinks.

Food and Drinks

Full board food service is a part of cruises. This allows you to maximise time for kitesurfing and overall itinerary. And the best crowd-free spots do not offer restaurant infrastructure. Half Board Food is sometimes an option.

Food is prepared by your chef while you kitesurf. The day starts with breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. This is a kiteboarding cruise but people tend to describe us also as a Gastronomical Cruise for the food quality and service. Before the trip you are asked for any dietary restrictions.

The food was as good as you can get in any five star restaurant, absolutely fantastic! Harold S.

Alcohol drinks are available as standard open bar and based on moderate consumption. Captain’s Cocktails in the evening, international and local table wines - red and white, and after session beers. Water, soft drinks and hot drinks are available throughout the day.

As a part of the experience during the cruise two dinners are on shore and are not included in the cruise price.




Hot Drinks

Soft Drinks

Alcohol Drinks






Captain and chef are the crew our cruises. They will play a big role on this adventure most likely becoming your new friends. Private kiteboarding instructor, nanny and other crew can be arranged upon request.



Skipper - Captain is a professional, trained to organize the itinerary acorrding to forecast and to best suit your preferences. Caprain is making sure you are safe on the boat and in the water, and bring you to the best spots, explain how to launch / land your kites, point out the possible dangers and do the surveillance and rescue if necessary. Your guide with the main goal to make the most out of your vacations.


Chef will take care of delicious meals that will enable you to get the most out of your kite sessions. The food served is healthy and diverse, and whenever possible from local ingredients, veggies, fruits, fish and meats. We cater diferrent dietary restrictions.




Kitesurfing is the main activity on all the shared trips, and the private cruises can be entirely customized to guests preferences. After sessions or when there's no wind, guests can enjoy stand-up-paddle (SUP) board, subglider under water wing, nice snorkeling around the reefs. Scuba- diving experience can be organized. Long walks on sandy beaches are possible on multiple locations, you can do yoga on-board or off-board or explore the hiking trails on the islands. You can participate in sailing or try fishing.


Kiteboarding Skills
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Beginners can take kiteboarding lessons if interested. Individual lessons are possible so everybody can make the most out of this kite vacation.

We provide you with kite spot information and tips, making your experience safe and enjoyable. With catamaran and safety boat surveillance you will improve faster and with ease.

Advanced riders can experience the fun of boat launching as well as exploring all the best spots in the cruising area. Your downwind quests between the islands with catamaran escort are possible!

Our non-kiting guests also have a guaranteed good time! Exploring the beaches and the islands, nature and culture, relaxing onboard the catamaran, paradise beaches and other activities. A dream vacation!


Drone Footage

We will capture your kiteboarding session along with other activities in our truly amazing landscapes. Private short movies can be edited upon request making this vacation even more memorable and easy to share with your friends.

Drone Footage


Why Kiteboarding Cruise

We offer unique and no stress kiteboarding experience, uncharted and safe. You can share this experience with your spouse, kiting and non-kiting friends and family. And you can rest assured to make the most out of your vacation.


Beginners Yes or No

Yes. If you’re ready to learn, all our destinations are perfct to do it. We only do kiteboarding cruises during the periods with best winds, so the conditions are great, with warm waters, reliable winds, safe and flat spots. Escorted with a motorboat, the progress will be swift and you will be riding in no time.


Surveillance and Rescue

SAFE kiteboarding sessions start with detailed information about each kite spot: how to launch and land, what are the possible dangers, wind direction and forecast, currents, sea bed, reefs, depths, etc. To ensure the safety, the captain is monitoring the kitesurfers in the water. In case of equipment failure, changed wind conditions or injuries, the skipper will start the rescue with motorboat.
Rescue service done by your skipper and/or guide is free of charge included in all Kiteboarding Cruise service options on all destinations.

Drone Footage


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