Catching the wind determined our route and every single place we visited on this route was just magical.

Saturday - Day 1

Lovrečina Bay - Brač Island

The lovely deep cove of Lovrečina with it's spacious sandy beach stretching 100 meters into the sea has been a popular holiday resort since time immemorial. Or

Milna - Brač Island

Milna was based in XVI century and is famous for its marvelous bay, in which the ships of the emperor Diocletian have found a secure harbor during the times of building his palace in Split.

Lovrecina - Brac Island


Sunday - Day 2

Bol - Brač Island

This little town was founded long ago and became an extraordinary tourist oasis because of the wide gravel and sandy beaches which expand over 10 km and its own sources of drinking water. Or

Blaca Bay - Brač Island

Blaca carries a great heritage value. The monastery surprises its visitors in this desert wilderness and harmony delights of its original architecture.

Bol - Brač Island


Monday - Day 3

Hvar - Hvar Island

Hvar is the queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands. It has been famous since the antique for its important strategic and nautical position. Lately, it's rich nightlife is making it the place to be, visited by celebrities from around the world. Or

Stari Grad - Hvar Island

Stari Grad, which translates to Old Town, was a safe harbor to sailors, who have been welcomed by town inhabitants on the harbor promenade. Stari Grad bay is still regular visited by most of the yachts passing trough middle Dalmatia.

Hvar Island


Tuesday - Day 4

Korčula - Korčula Island

Korčula was a favorite Greek holiday spot over 2,000 years ago. Korčula town is a mini-fortress enclosed with honey-colored stone walls that contain hidden treasures, from icons to Tiepolos, as well as architectural delights in every narrow, cobbled street. Or

Pržina Bay - Korčula Island

This is a very popular sandy beach, filled with tourists and locals. It gets very crowded in summer - no problem for us on our own floating beach.

Korcula Island


Wednesday - Day 5


Kite beach Neretva is placed at the delta of the river Neretva to the Adriatic Sea. Constant NW wind, 5 bofor, sandy beach and shallow water make it a perfect kitesurfing location, especially for beginners. Or

Trpanj - Pelješac Penincula

Trpanj is a sea resort situated in the North West side of Peljesac peninsula, in the county of Dubrovnik. Nice and relaxed atmosphere, little pebble and sandy beaches and beautiful crystal clear sea make it an unforgettable experience.

Neretva Kiteboarding


Thursday - Day 6

Brela - Makarska shore

Brela has become one of the most exclusive and most wanted tourist destinations in Dalmatia during the last few decades thanks to the attractive natural environment, clean pebble and sand beaches. Or

Baška Voda - Makarska shore

At the foot of Mt. Biokovo, at the edge of the warm and crystal clear Adriatic Sea, you'll find Baška Voda. Once a farming and fishing town, this idyllic spot is now a modern tourist attraction on the Makarska Riviera in the heart of Dalmatia.

Makarska Shore


Friday - Day 7


Many of Split's historical and cultural buildings can be found within the walls of Diocletian's Palace. In addition, numerous museums, the National Theatre, old churches and other archaeological sites in the Split region make it an important cultural attraction. Or

Stipanjska Bay - Pakleni Islands

On the island of Marinkovac there is a nude area called Stipanjska. The Carpe Diem beach is located here, a wellness bath equipped with wooden deck-chairs, parasols, swimming pool, volleyball court, diving school and a restaurant with a lounge cocktail bar. The Carpe Diem beach is also known for its nightlife, organizing very popular beach parties hosted by world famous DJs.

Split Croatia


Additional Options


A typical Mediterranean village, which attracts the tourists with beautiful beaches, narrow roads and houses squeezed together around the harbor. Its fishers ruled with their boats over the Adriatic Sea and traded with the neighboring coasts, establishing fisherman's centers on the Pacific coasts of both Americas.

Kitesurfing Cruise - Sample Route



Many nations have changed and mutually assimilated in this small area: Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, and then Croats. It was also under Venetian, French, and Austrian authority. They have all left their traces, however, the Croatian people and their language stayed preserved during the stormy Trogir centuries till the present day.

Kitesurfing Cruise - Sample Route


Lastovo Island

Lastovo island is surrounded by 46 smaller islands and cliffs with untouched nature and numerous bays. Lastovo is among ten Mediterranean islands that have preserved its original value of untouched nature and beauty. The Lastovo archipelago was declared a Nature Park in 2006.

Kitesurfing Cruise - Sample Route

Mljet Island

This is an island of forests and saltwater lakes, with one third of the island protected by National Park status. Mljet is almost an untouched island where one can enjoy its sights, smells and sounds of untouched nature.

Kitesurfing Cruise - Sample Route



The famous poet, Lord Byron, called it “the Pearl of the Adriatic”, and this walled city with its renaissance architecture and charming narrow streets is one of the wonders of the modern world. The terracotta roofs of the Old City framed by the turquoise Adriatic Sea is one of the most recognizable and photographed sights in the world.

Kitesurfing Cruise - Sample Route

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