Who can rent kite gear?
Independent kiters capable of consistent riding in all directions including upwind can rent gear. When kite lessons are needed, these include kite gear.

Single use / Couple use, what does this means?
“Single use” package consisting of 2 Kites and 1 Twintip Board is suitable for one person renting one smaller and one bigger sized kite to expand ridding options in different wind conditions.  
In some cases two people (couples / friends / family members) can ride inside a wider wind range with 3 Kites and 2 Twintip boards in which case they can rent “Couple use” package. 

Can it happen that the kite equipment is rented-out?
Yes, it is possible that kite equipment is not available anymore for renting in certain period. We suggest you check the kite gear rental option with your inquiry to see what options are available.

What kites /boards are available?
Selection of kites and boards differs as we aim to have the widest range possible to meet with as many people’s preferences as possible. Kite sizes range between 6m2 and 14m2 and the twintips boards range between 132cm and 143cm, for current availability please check with us.

Do I need to pre-book the equipment or can I rent it on the cruise as we go?
It is highly recommended that you pre-book your kite equipment to see if the equipment is still available and if it matches with your preferences.
If kite equipment on board is not rented out or used for kiteboarding lessons it can be rented on the cruise as you go.

What happens in case of damages?
With kite equipment rental a small refundable deposit is submitted and the waiver with release of liability document is signed. This document states that person who is renting certain kite equipment assumes full responsibility for the equipment rented. It also states the pricing of equipment rented including pricing for possible damages repairs that may occur during use.

Is it possible to buy equipment that we use at the kiteboarding course? 
Buying used equipment from your kite lessons at special price is sometimes possible, especially if you inform us about your intentions. It is also possible to order brand NEW equipment at special price that awaits you onboard at your arrival.