From Passion to a Way of Life

Being in the water since his childhood as a competitive swimmer and windsurfer since his teens, Tomaz’s journey as a captain started at a young age with his first paid captain job at the age of 18. He was mastering his navigational skills in the challenging waters of the Adriatic Sea, where navigation was an art, not technology.

Growing up in a small Slovenian town, Dasha studied in Slovenia, the USA, and Spain, striving for travel and international experiences. After gaining her university degree in macroeconomics, she has worked in marketing ever since. She fell in love with sailing and met her captain on their friend’s sailing boat. This sparked the birth of the idea for shared sailing trips where strangers become lifelong friends.

Tomaz then embarked on a career as a construction site manager, finding success until the financial crisis turned the tide. It was during this period of uncertainty that Tomaz discovered the thrill and freedom of kiteboarding and shortly after, the unique concept of catamaran kiteboarding cruises was born. Observing the challenges of crowded and limited spots in Croatia, he said to Dasha: ‘Wouldn’t it be great to combine the freedom of sailing and the thrill of kiteboarding?! A catamaran could be the gateway to uncharted kiteboarding adventures!’ Her reply was quick: ‘We should do that!’

He joined his expertise in sailing and his passion for kiteboarding to create an experience unlike any other. With their versatile knowledge at hand, they started from scratch, Tomaz building a website, Dasha perfecting the content. Life was challenging but full of inspiration with a baby and a toddler around.

Expanding Horizons: Charting New Waters

Croatia, with its breathtaking beauty and proximity to homeland Slovenia, was the perfect starting point, but came with limitations – the beaches weren’t ideal for launching kites. Undeterred, Tomaz innovated and perfected a system of kite launching and landing that was safe, fast, and reliable. A significant improvement that he kept perfecting. He also realized that the windy season in Croatia was too short, setting his sights on new horizons. Greece kept coming to mind. The key was to find a destination that was not just beautiful but also inaccessible to an average traveler. The Cyclades, with their favorable wind conditions and a plethora of islands, presented the perfect canvas for the next chapter.

In 2014, we pioneered the first kite cruise in Greece. This adventure was a leap into uncharted waters and what had set a benchmark for others to follow in the later years. As Tomaz likes to say: “You can copy a concept, but you can’t replicate the experience.”

That same year, Tomaz set his mind on the Grenadines, an idyllic winter getaway that completed the vision of offering year-round kiteboarding cruises. Humbly acknowledging not being the first to offer catamaran kiteboarding experiences in the Caribbean, yet he founded a unique place in this paradise. Blending seamlessly into a region, that at the time was served by only a few catamarans, this was a time of exploration and growth.

Coming from non-favorable business environments of their home and neighbouring countries, after years of attempts around banks that considered our vision to be far-fetched, they ultimately gained the trust of young entrepreneurs that were prepared to take a leap of faith and provided means to buy their first catamaran that will open a door to a new life and opportunities but also with quite few obstacles ahead.

After a busy season in Greece, Tomaz sailed their catamaran on his first Transatlantic journey all the way to the Caribbean, to a place he already knew in depth. Kiteboarding Cruise charted a course through the enchanting islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, the Grenadines, and Grenada, sharing the best kiteboarding grounds with guests from around the world, mastering the rhythm of our operations and family started to invest in the second catamaran.

Along with the business expansion, family was growing, like a logo had suggested, the 6th member joined the family. Spending many months apart, with a single mom and absent dad family type, this was not how they wanted to live, and finally decided homeschooling was the way to go if they want to have more time together as a family.

After years of hard work, idea had finally taken a jumpstart! The Grenadines spring season was sold out with two boats when COVID hit, turning the world upside down, and bringing along the unprecedented. In a matter of days, family found themselves living on one of the boats, and for the first time experiencing some of the ‘what people think we do’ lifestyle.

The times of family boat life were seasoned with concern and disbelief. The boats and the family were stranded in the Caribbean and there was nobody flying in or out of any country, including the crew that was arranged to sail the boat back to Greece for the summer season. And there was a big conserving question: is there even going to be a season in Greece?

Dasha suggested to Tomaz that he should sail their family back to Greece. He was not excited about the idea even though he had 5 crossings under his belt at the time, but this time was different, especially since sailing from West to East presents much more dangers than coming from Europe. With this on his mind and the fact one of his four children does not even walk, let alone swim, and the rest all aged under 10, crossing the Atlantic back to Greece wasn’t something he was happy about doing. An exciting and terrifying idea, and like any hard decision, this one was made from having no other choice. In the end, they had a fabulous crossing with favourable weather with whales, dolphins, and countless stars.

The decision was right, and the season in Greece went well, keeping the business afloat. But everything else in the world was unpredictable. The other boat, stranded on the other side of the world, still had no means of reaching there. So, the family made another Mediterranean and Atlantic crossing with all 4 children aboard this time back to the Caribbean, hoping COVID circumstances would ease up to the point people would be able to travel as they did in Greece.


The family did successfully finish their second Atlantic crossing but were surprised to realize they were not welcome anymore. They sailed continuously for 3 weeks, night and day, without any stops from Canaries Islands but failed to convince Grenada officials that they were not COVID-infected. Indeed, COVID did not ease up; Grenada and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines were not excited to have any tourists back. Tomaz and Dasha had no choice but to regrettably leave the waters they held dear until the hospitality climate changes.

They heard from a past guest and cruising families about this nice sailing ground that was more tolerant towards newcomers and followed Dasha’s hunch. Having the time to explore, from the sea and from land, meeting the locals and many cruising and homeschooling families, living ‘the boat lifestyle’, they discovered what an amazing country Antigua and Barbuda truly is. It was during these times that Tomaz found another addictive venue – Wing foiling – and along the way a new ‘dream’ destination for kite surfers, wing foilers, and their fellow travelers.

Fast forward to the present, Kiteboarding Cruise remains a family-owned business, operating on three main destinations! We are striving to offer you a boutique destination experience, on the past, present, and future destinations!

Currently dividing their time between staying in Antigua, staying in the Grenadines, visiting Slovenia, and semi-vacationing in Greece, we continue to chase the wind and the eternal sun. While chasing our tails, maintaining the boats, planning, working, cooking and dishwashing, helping with school and other ‘what we really do’ routines.

A Tribute to Our Team: The Wind in Our Sails

We are deeply grateful to those who have been part of our story, each contributing in a unique way to our growth. We’re extending our gratitude to some who had marked the milestones in our early journey. Our mutual friend who had finally introduced us back then! Our four amazing parents providing us with free accommodation and help with our children in the early stages. It was a make it or break it for us! You are what we all look forward to the most when ‘visiting’ our home. Tomaz’s bestie, crazy enough to have had faith in him, lending him money to help with renting the catamaran the very first week! Our investors, an amazing entrepreneur couple, who supported what we do and made it possible for us to now operate with two catamarans! They continue to inspire us with their story. An amazing circle of women who shared their knowledge and insights with Dasha. Standing by us through thick and thin, this unwavering support and deep understanding of our vision have been crucial in navigating the ever-changing tides. Many who joined us at the beginning have since ventured into new paths in various fields. Your contribution has been invaluable, and we are proud to have been a part of your journey. To all who have been a part of our journey, whether for days, weeks, or years, thank you.

With Love and Gratitude,
Dasha and Tomaz