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Kiteboarding Cruise is actively seeking crew couples, as well as individual Captains and Hostesses/Cooks, for our diverse charter locations in Greece and in the Caribbean.

Captains are required to possess a commercially endorsed RYA Yachtmaster certification (SAIL) or an equivalent qualification. Hostesses/Cooks should hold a Day Skipper’s certificate along with a Food Safety & Hygiene certificate. All crew members need to have valid ENGs and STCWs. While preference is given to crew members who are advanced kitesurfers or wing foilers, those willing to learn are also welcome to apply.

If you’re interested in joining our vibrant and dynamic team of charter catamarans, please submit your application. For any inquiries, refer to the FAQ section below.

Absolutely, Kiteboarding Cruise offers training sessions, which can extend up to two weeks depending on the role and requirements.

From the moment you start your training, Kiteboarding Cruise ensures you are comfortably housed on one of our vessels.

While on charter, all meals are provided as the boat is fully stocked for both guests and crew. During periods when you are not on charter, you are responsible for your own meals.

Initially, you will need to cover your own travel expenses to the training location. Please note that Kiteboarding Cruise will only cover travel expenses if there is a need to relocate you to a different base during the season. However, we do not cover transfer costs when moving staff from Caribbean to Mediterranean destinations or vice versa at the start or end of a season.

We value consistency and quality in the services we provide on our kiteboarding cruises. To maintain these standards, we require all crew members to commit to a minimum of 5 months and preferably 1 year or more. However, we are open to three potential scenarios:

  1. Caribbean Season Only: Crew members who prefer to work only from November to May, covering our Caribbean season.
  2. Mediterranean Season Only: Crew members who choose to work from June to October, during our Mediterranean season.
  3. Full Year Commitment: Crew members who are available for the entire year, participating in both the Caribbean and Mediterranean seasons.

This flexible scheduling allows us to accommodate different availability and preferences, while ensuring that we continue to offer our guests a seamless experience in some of the world’s most stunning kiteboarding destinations.

  1. Caribbean Season Only and Mediterranean Season Only: For crew members working either the Caribbean season (November to May) or the Mediterranean season (June to October), we do not offer scheduled vacations. These shorter commitments are designed to cover a specific season without breaks, other than regular days off. Additionally, there is typically one week per month when we are off-charter. During these periods, crew are expected to perform routine maintenance and preparations for upcoming charters.

  2. Full Year Commitment: Crew members who join us for the entire year enjoy more extensive time off. After approximately every 5 months of service, or following each major destination, our charter crew is granted 25 consecutive days of vacation. Additionally, there is typically one week per month when we are off-charter. During these off-charter periods, while there are no active trips, crew members are expected to carry out routine maintenance and prepare the yacht for upcoming charters. It’s essential for crew members to manage their downtime effectively, balancing rest with these responsibilities.

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