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catamaran wing foiling and kiteboarding trips

Experience wing-foiling and kiteboarding in some of the world’s most stunning archipelagos from the comfort of your private sailing catamaran.

Trust us to make the most out of your vacation.


Set of islands on 

some of the world’s most stunning archipelagos


Years of expertise ensure a memorable and well-organized trip


Providing a comfortable and luxurious base for your adventure


Special care to ensure a secure environment for all of our guests

Kite and Wing School

Personalized one-on-one lessons for all skill levels

Equipment Rentals

Range of high-quality kite, kite-foil and wing- foil rentals


1. Choose your Destination

Escape the winter to the discover the best Caribbean kite playground, in summer, kite the stunning Greece archipelago and test your skills with notorious Meltemi wind in the Greek Cyclades.

Our service provides full-time rescue boat assistance, captain guidance, and chef services. We also offer full equipment rentals and lessons so you can travel light and so you can progress fast and with ease!

1. Choose your Destination

Escape the winter to the discover the best Caribbean kite playground, in summer, kite the stunning Greece archipelago and test your skills with notorious Meltemi wind in the Greek Cyclades.

Our service provides full-time rescue boat assistance, captain guidance, and chef services. We also offer full equipment rentals and lessons so you can travel light and so you can progress fast and with ease!

2. Choose your group type

Opt for a private cruise to enjoy exclusively with your friends and family, or book a cabin as a couple or solo traveler to share the experience with others you’ll meet onboard


Spend your time with your “private group” of friends and family to enjoy the privacy and space of the entire catamaran and flexible itinerary. 


Join a “shared group” by booking a cabin(s) and share a catamaran with other couples, individuals or smaller groups and connect with other people who share you passion.

3. Select period and secure your booking

Pay only 10% at the time of booking to secure your place.
The following 40% of the balance is due 30 days after booking,
and the remaining 50% is due 60 days before your trip

Guests becoming our Friends

 After 10 years running Kiteboarding Cruise, people have a lot to say about us

brian miller review

It was an absolutely fantastic week! We could not have asked for a better week-long experience. Tomaz went out of his way to find the perfect kiting spots and on non-wind days we were able to snorkel, swim, SUP and/or venture onto quaint Greek islands.

Brian Miller
Andreas Limbouris review

An exceptional captain and kiteboarding instructor who made us feel part of a crew. He went above and beyond in meeting the expectations of both kiteboarders and non-kiteboarders, made us feel safe on-board and is certainly someone you would enjoy spending time with

Andreas Limbouris
chris nunn review

What an amazing trip! Tomaz and Dasa were so helpful in setting up logistics, and Jose and Maria were an amazing captain/chef combo! So accommodating and genuinely fun! The food was amazing, and the kiting even better! The most epic kite spots I’ve ever kited!

Chris Nunn

The trip was epic. I highly recommend it to anybody who is in love with the sea and kiting. Tomaz, the captain is knowledgeable of both sailing and kiting. We were five kiters celebrating a b-day. Tomaz took very good care of us. He brought us to areas unreachable by land with steady side-shore or off-shore winds. He was always available with the tender boat to assist when necessary. Peace of mind for new kiters or Wing goers. Tomaz has a calm attitude and he gave us different options every day about our itinerary.. 

Christian Fasulo

The catamaran is spacious, comfortable and beautiful. Tomas is a very experienced captain and made sure we had the best conditions and experience. He was very helpful with the kite setup process and keeping an eye out when you are riding. Chef Bernard prepared some of the tastiest meals I’ve ever had and also helped the kiters when needed.. Both are awesome personalities and bring the whole trip to life..

Nell Kordalski

I AM SO GLAD I DID THIS!!! I can’t say enough great things about this trip- it was amazing! The kite spots were wide open and beautiful, the food was delicious, and Alvaro and Stefano were fun company throughout, going above and beyond to make sure my trip hit a high note. A special shoutout to both of them! I loved the kiting footage as well, the drone shots were a real bonus. Many thanks to Tomaz and Dasa for a great week, it was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope to catch you all again in Greece ?

Mary Nolan
scott tandoi review

An unbelievably incredible and memorable experience. Tomaz runs his company with considerable professionalism, not skipping the small details that really take the trip to the next level. A special shout out to Desroy and all his hard work and Frank for all his excellent meals!

Scott Tandoi
Roger Anderson review

We all greatly appreciated the wonderful meals, keeping the adventure safely moving, and rescuing us when our kites pulled us out into the ocean. This was definately a “Bucket List” adventure with no disappointments.

Roger Anderson

We’ve just returned from our second fantastic holiday with KBC Marco and Mr. were brilliant hosts and made the week stress-free, relaxing and fun. Nothing was too much effort for them, and they really put themselves out to make our week as enjoyable as possible. The group we met on the boat were so much fun and made the whole experience really memorable..

Louise Falle



Our Commitment to Your Peace of Mind

We know that booking a vacation online can make you worry. You might wonder, “Will there be a boat waiting for us?” or “Can we trust this company with our vacation?” These are big questions, especially when you have to pay a lot upfront. That’s why we’ve put together some important facts to help you feel more assured and to show you that you can always reach out to us.

We started back in 2013, and a decade later, we’re still going strong, eager to make the next ten years even more memorable. And here’s something we’re really proud of: in all this time, we’ve never canceled a single charter! Not even when it costs us a small fortune back then, we not once cancel our cruise. It’s our commitment to reliability.

There are companies specializing in what we offer, so you have a choice. By not choosing the right company, you risk missing out on your dream vacation—or worse, you could end up without a vacation at all. You might be willing to compromise on some aspects of your trip, but compromising on your and your family’s safety should be a major concern. Choose wisely to ensure both a memorable and safe experience.

When comparing different kite and wing-foil cruise providers, it’s essential to ask the right questions to ensure you’re choosing the best option for your needs that you might not be aware of at the moment of booking. Here’s a list of key points and questions you might consider before making a decision:

How many weeks have you organized and executed? It’s important to ask about weeks, not years, as years can be misleading. Some companies might only operate one week per year. It’s also crucial to understand their experience in a specific location, which can lead to safety concerns.

Is this your main business, operating year-round, or just a summer/winter hobby? It’s important to understand the extent of their involvement, as we’ve found many people do this for fun and excitement before returning to their office job after a few weeks.

What kind of rescue boat do you use to keep people safe while they are out on the water, and how powerful is the outboard motor? This question is important to determine if they have the means to keep you safe, rather than just the intention.

Is the catamaran you use yours, or are you renting it bareboat from a charter agency? This question reveals how much control the tour provider has over the boat and its features and equipment for these niche activities, and how well they actually know the boat. Again, this is a safety issue that will affect your vacation.

Next, you’ll want to ask if they offer kiteboarding and wing-foiling equipment. This shows they are serious about what they do, meaning they must have experience in planning and hiring the right people. This is a green light.

Not that you need the lessons, but still ask if they provide kiteboarding and wing-foiling lessons. If they offer lessons with their own equipment, they must be aware of the difficulty of keeping everyone safe at the same time, including other people on the water and the student. This is a green light.

We’re not about just ‘good enough.’ We go all-in. Think of it like this: our cruises might cost a bit more, but we pack them with value. All-inclusive? It means top-notch meals, safety-first on the water, and a crew that knows their stuff and knows how to have a good time. We set up our boats to be your floating slice of paradise. So, while we might not be the cheapest, we ensure you get the most value for your money. And honestly, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Do you remember the COVID times? When travel stopped, and all bookings were canceled? Our boat was ready on the spot destination, but people couldn’t travel. It was beyond anyone’s control. We are proud to say we made sure no one lost their money. We rescheduled every single trip for later months, even years. Who else can say they did that?

We are visible all over social media so you can catch us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok documenting it all so you can scroll back and see everything from day one. No secrets here, just us doing what we love and sharing it with the world.

For direct communication, our WhatsApp number +12687193930 is available during daylight hours, including weekends and holidays.

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