Catamaran Kiteboarding and Wing Foil Trips in Greece

We start where the roads end

The best kite and wing locations in Greece are situated in the Cyclades region and they are only reachable by boat. A catamaran, with its shallow draft, is ideal for accessing these perfect spots as we take you on a journey exploring the islands of Paros, Antiparos, Mykonos, Naxos and Koufonisia. With motor boat support and local knowledge you will be able to truly enjoy those top picks for kitesurfing, kite foiling, and wing foiling.

The Greek Cyclades

Enchanting group of islands in the heart of the Aegean Sea


Our years of expertise ensure a memorable and well-organized trip

Our Catamaran

Providing a comfortable and luxurious base for your adventure


We take special care to ensure a secure environment for all of our guests

Kite and Wing School

Personalized one-on-one lessons for all skill levels

Equipment Rentals

Wide range of high-quality kite, kite-foil and wing- foil rentals on board


Best Kiteboarding and Wing-foiling spots in Greece

The best kite and wing locations in Greece are situated in the Cyclades region and they are only reachable by boat. A catamaran, with its shallow draft, is ideal for accessing these perfect spots and getting close to the shore. The islands of Paros, Antiparos, Mykonos, Naxos, and Kaufonesia are the top picks for kitesurfing, kite foiling, and wing foiling, providing the best conditions in Greece. 

Enchanting Villages in Greece

The Cyclades, picturesque region is renowned for its traditional white-washed villages, vibrant blue domes, and the warm hospitality of its people. With a rich cultural heritage, mouthwatering local cuisine, and a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, the Cyclades offer a truly unique destination for your kitesurfing and wing foiling vacation.

Meltemi, the Wind in Greece

Kite and Wing sizes

Choosing the appropriate kite and wing sizes is crucial to fully enjoy this trip! We recommend bringing 7m and 10m kites for a 70 kg (154 lbs) rider, 9m and 12m kites for an 80 kg (176 lbs) rider, and 10m and 14m kites for heavier riders. Ideally, you would need 3 different kite sizes to cover all wind strength options, but we know that traveling with excessive luggage is a nightmare. We offer kite equipment rental to reduce your luggage and can complement the kite you don’t intend to bring.

For wing sizes, we recommend bringing 2.8m and 4.5m wings for a 70 kg (154 lbs) rider, 3.4m and 5.5m wings for an 80 kg (176 lbs) rider, and 4.2m and 6.7m wings for heavier riders. The choice of wing foil board should depend on your weight and experience. Rental options and lessons are available if needed. We offer wing rental to reduce your luggage, especially since the wing-foil board can be challenging to travel with, and can complement some of the gear you are bringing.

Catamaran 3D Tour: Step into Your Next Kiteboarding Holiday

Perfect yacht for kite trips with ample storage space for kite equipment. The guest cabins are spacious and luminous, with private bathrooms and queen and king sized beds. Upper deck or “Fly bridge”, stern lounge and front deck with sun shades and cushions for maximum comfort.

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Explore the Beauty of Greece While Kiteboarding

Beyond the famous beaches and ancient ruins, Greece offers a plethora of unique experiences just waiting to be discovered. Some of the top activities to enjoy during your stay on board in this Mediterranean paradise include stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), snorkeling, visiting charming villages, renting ATV quads, and exploring ancient monuments. And don’t forget, the most unforgettable sunsets are best experienced from a boat, with a refreshing sunset drink in hand, prepared just for you.

Group type

Weather you prefer booking a private cruse or join a a shared cruise catamaran can accommodate up to eight (8) people in 4 double cabins with 4 private bathrooms. Additionally, the catamaran has 2 single cabins to accommodate your Captain and Chef. They will make sure you are getting the most out of your vacation.


You can spend your time on the catamaran with your “private group” of friends and family. Up to 9 guests can enjoy the privacy and space of the entire catamaran and flexible, customisable itinerary. 


Consider joining a “shared group” and embark on a voyage by booking one or more double cabins and share the catamaran with other like-minded couples, individuals or smaller groups who share you passion.


Included in Price

Our team

 Skipper and a Chef comes with every charter no matter if you book a Full catamaran or cabins on the cruise.


Our experienced, licensed mariners are here to expertly navigate your adventure, uncovering hidden gems throughout your journey and prioritizing your safety. Serving as your sports guide, tourist guide, and local know-it-all, they possess a wealth of knowledge about each location you visit, ensuring every aspect is taken care of.


An onboard chef elevates your cruise experience by preparing three delicious meals for you daily. In addition, they’ll lend a hand with launching and landing your kites, while keeping the yacht in pristine condition. Rest assured, a chef is included with every booking to ensure both your taste buds and kiteboarding needs are satisfied.

Best Periods in Greece for Catamaran Kite and Wing Trips

The optimal time to visit Greece for kitesurfing, kite foiling, wing foiling, and sailing is during the summer season from May to October. The consistent and strong Meltemi wind and high air temperatures with low humidity enable the best kite holiday experience. During this time, tourists from all over the world flock to Greece, bringing the area to life with a bustling nightlife and open tavernas and restaurants. While mid July and August are the absolute peak season, you can take advantage of the same wind conditions, lower pricing and less crowds throughout September and October. 

Guests becoming our Friends

 After 10 years running Kiteboarding Cruise, people have a lot to say about us

brian miller review

It was an absolutely fantastic week! We could not have asked for a better week-long experience. Tomaz went out of his way to find the perfect kiting spots and on non-wind days we were able to snorkel, swim, SUP and/or venture onto quaint Greek islands.

Brian Miller
Andreas Limbouris review

An exceptional captain and kiteboarding instructor who made us feel part of a crew. He went above and beyond in meeting the expectations of both kiteboarders and non-kiteboarders, made us feel safe on-board and is certainly someone you would enjoy spending time with

Andreas Limbouris
chris nunn review

What an amazing trip! Tomaz and Dasa were so helpful in setting up logistics, and Jose and Maria were an amazing captain/chef combo! So accommodating and genuinely fun! The food was amazing, and the kiting even better! The most epic kite spots I’ve ever kited!

Chris Nunn

The trip was epic. I highly recommend it to anybody who is in love with the sea and kiting. Tomaz, the captain is knowledgeable of both sailing and kiting. We were five kiters celebrating a b-day. Tomaz took very good care of us. He brought us to areas unreachable by land with steady side-shore or off-shore winds. He was always available with the tender boat to assist when necessary. Peace of mind for new kiters or Wing goers. Tomaz has a calm attitude and he gave us different options every day about our itinerary.. 

Christian Fasulo

The catamaran is spacious, comfortable and beautiful. Tomas is a very experienced captain and made sure we had the best conditions and experience. He was very helpful with the kite setup process and keeping an eye out when you are riding. Chef Bernard prepared some of the tastiest meals I’ve ever had and also helped the kiters when needed.. Both are awesome personalities and bring the whole trip to life..

Nell Kordalski

I AM SO GLAD I DID THIS!!! I can’t say enough great things about this trip- it was amazing! The kite spots were wide open and beautiful, the food was delicious, and Alvaro and Stefano were fun company throughout, going above and beyond to make sure my trip hit a high note. A special shoutout to both of them! I loved the kiting footage as well, the drone shots were a real bonus. Many thanks to Tomaz and Dasa for a great week, it was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope to catch you all again in Greece ?

Mary Nolan
scott tandoi review

An unbelievably incredible and memorable experience. Tomaz runs his company with considerable professionalism, not skipping the small details that really take the trip to the next level. A special shout out to Desroy and all his hard work and Frank for all his excellent meals!

Scott Tandoi
Roger Anderson review

We all greatly appreciated the wonderful meals, keeping the adventure safely moving, and rescuing us when our kites pulled us out into the ocean. This was definately a “Bucket List” adventure with no disappointments.

Roger Anderson

We’ve just returned from our second fantastic holiday with KBC Marco and Mr. were brilliant hosts and made the week stress-free, relaxing and fun. Nothing was too much effort for them, and they really put themselves out to make our week as enjoyable as possible. The group we met on the boat were so much fun and made the whole experience really memorable..

Louise Falle

Why Choose Our Catamaran Kite and Wing Trips?

Unmatched Experience

Expert Crew

Reliable Equipment

Upgraded Rescue Motor Boat

Innovative Teaching Methods

Authentic Greek Experience

Eco-Friendly Practices

Activities for All

Direct Communication

Better Value

Flexibility and Convenience

Tailored Itineraries

Safety Precautions

Boat Launch & Landing Expertise

What to Expect on Your Kiteboarding Cruise in Greece

How is the wind?

The Meltemi is a northern wind that arises from late May to late September. Its peak strength occurs during the summer months of June through August. In the morning, it is usually a gentle wind, blowing at around 11-16 knots. As the day progresses, it accelerates to approximately 22-27 knots. The wind is most powerful during the afternoon and evening before calming down at night. This cool breeze doesn’t just provide the best kiteboarding and wingfoiling conditions, but also offers a much-needed break from the heat, making trips even more enjoyable as it naturally cools the overheated landscape, benefiting both locals and tourists.

The ancient Greeks were familiar with the Meltemi, referring to it as the Etesian or “annual wind” because it returned every year. The origin of the name Meltemi remains uncertain—it could be derived from the Latin “mal tempo” (bad weather) or the Turkish “meltem” (gentle breeze). Interestingly, the Greeks now call it Meltemi, while the Turkish term Etezyen is derived from the original Greek word.

Despite potentially originating from the Turkish word for “gentle breeze,” the Meltemi can be quite powerful. It typically blows with a force of 5 to 7 degrees on the Beaufort scale but can escalate to a gale force of 9 degrees. In the straits between the islands, it has been known to reach 11 degrees, or over 100 km/h. When this occurs, shipping traffic halts, and boats must be securely fastened in anticipation of the wind passing.


How to get here?

To get to Parikia, Paros island from anywhere in the world, you can follow these steps:

Fly to Athens, Mykonos, or Santorini: These three islands have international airports and are well-connected to major cities around the world. You can search for flights from your location to any of these three airports using online travel platforms.

From there, you can catch a ferry to Paros. The ferry schedules vary depending on the time of year, so it’s best to check the ferry company’s website or ask for information at the port. The ferry ride from Athens takes around 4-5 hours, from Mykonos takes 2 hours, and from Santorini takes 2-3 hours.

Or take a connecting flight from Athens to Paros: If you prefer to fly directly to Paros, you can take a connecting flight from Athens. Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air operate several flights per day from Athens International Airport to Paros Island National Airport, with a flight time around 40-45 minutes. You can book the flight tickets directly from the airlines’ websites or from online travel platforms.

Once you reach Paros by ferry, you are already within walking distance from our boat. If taking a flight to get to Paros, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach Parikia, which is the main port and capital of the island. The distance between Paros airport and Parikia is around 10 km, and the journey takes around 20-25 minutes by taxi.

What kite or wing sizes do I need?

To ensure you have an amazing time on the water, it’s essential to choose the right kite and wing sizes for your trip. Below, we provide some recommendations for an 80 kg (176 lbs) rider, but keep in mind that the wind conditions may vary.

Recommended Kite Sizes for an 80 kg (176 lbs) Rider:

  1. 7m Kite: A smaller kite is ideal for stronger wind conditions. The 7m kite will allow you to ride comfortably and maintain control when the wind picks up.

  2. 9m Kite: This size is perfect for moderate wind conditions, providing a balance between power and maneuverability. If you’re traveling with only two kites, we recommend bringing a 9m kite as one of your options.

  3. 12m Kite: For lighter wind conditions, a 12m kite offers more power and helps you get up and ride more easily. If you’re limited to two kites for your trip, the 12m kite should be your second choice.

While these are our recommended sizes, it’s important to remember that wind conditions can be unpredictable. Sometimes, you may encounter stronger winds that make the 7m kite a perfect choice, while other times, lighter winds might require a 14m kite for an optimal experience.

As for wing sizes, we recommend a range from 3.4m to 6.5m, with 4m or 5m wings being the most commonly used in Greece. The choice of wing foil board should be based on your weight and experience. Keep in mind that we have wing foil boards and wings available for rent or for lessons if needed.

Do I need a wetsuit, or is a rash guard enough?

You can expect water temperatures to be around 26.5°C / 78.1°F in July, gradually getting slightly warmer through August until September. Board shorts and a thin wetsuit top are usually suitable, but we always recommend bringing a shortie wetsuit (1-2 mm), even long sleave (3 mm) for certain people as it can get chilly with strong winds. This way, you can decide on the spot whether to use it or not, depending on the weather conditions and your personal comfort level.

How does the typical day look like?

Our days are packed with adventure, excitement, and breathtaking scenery. Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect during a typical day on board:

We start our day with a delicious breakfast at 8 am, freshly prepared by our talented chef. We cater to all dietary requirements and preferences, so you can enjoy your meal with ease.

The morning is dedicated to kiteboarding and wing-foiling. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the techniques and provide valuable tips to help you master the sport. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, our team will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

During the day, we also take breaks to snorkel, stand-up paddleboard (SUP), and visit beautiful beaches. The crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean are perfect for snorkeling, where you can spot colorful marine life and admire the underwater landscape.

We have lunch at 1 pm, of course, served on board. Our chef prepares a delicious spread of Mediterranean cuisine using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Sometimes we move after lunch to a new spot, or we stay where we are and continue with water activities, only to set sail the next morning.

At 7 pm, we have dinner on board, which is another culinary delight. Our chef creates a delicious three-course meal that is a perfect way to end the day. After dinner, you can unwind on the catamaran or join the crew for a drink and chat. This is a good time to either visit enchanting Greek villages, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy the vibrant nightlife, or stay more private out of reach, enjoying the sound of the wind and the sea.

All in all, the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

What does the typical itinerary look like?

Our carefully crafted itinerary includes the enchanting islands of Paros, Antiparos, Mykonos, Blue Lagoon, Naxos, Kufonisia, Syros, Tinos, and Milos. Please read this in combination with the content of “How the day looks like?” to get a better idea of what to expect.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 Saturday: Parikia, Paros – Begin your adventure in Parikia, the picturesque capital of Paros. Stroll through charming cobblestone streets and admire the whitewashed architecture before getting onboard and sailing towards Antiparos. Enjoy a sunset dinner onboard. Sorry, no kite or wing session on the first day, but you are welcome to get some action before boarding at Pounda, Paros beach, and joining the boat later.

Day 2 Sunday: Antiparos – Also known as Celebrity Island. There are unspoiled beaches around the island, but we are here for kitesurfing and wing-foiling. After a good session and a tasty dinner in the evening, we’ll explore the enchanting Antiparos village.

Day 3 Monday: If the weather permits, we are setting sails for Mykonos to kitesurf and wing-foil till sunset. We usually have dinner on board before setting out to discover the vibrant nightlife Mykonos has to offer. If staying on board and taking some rest is your idea of a perfect night, then you can get up earlier and walk to the iconic windmills and wander through the narrow streets of Little Venice in the morning when the crew is out to get some fresh bread and fruits.

Day 4 Tuesday: We are sailing off again, this morning our destination is the Secret spot. Not much is there but the perfect flat water on the inside and some pretty decent waves on the outside. It is a place where people can go for a walk or a run, you can SUP, snorkel or just relax.

Day 5 Wednesday: A new day and a new objective to burn some calories and Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades Islands is the place to explore. We’ll likely visit the ancient Portara, sample local cuisine, and explore some bars.

Day 6 Thursday: Early morning is time for a walk or jogging, there is a castle not so far from the boat. Perhaps getting a coffee at the local taverna that is just opening but in any case, you should be back quickly so the boat can set sail for a new destination, the rather small yet enchanting Kufonisia Island. Much can be said about this place but not at this point.

Day 7 Friday: Blue Lagoon – We have a few options for where to go from here; the closest is Blue Lagoon. A flat kite and wing spot that’s hard to beat. People can also go for a short hike up the hill and enjoy the view from up high, relax on the sandy beach, or stay on board and snorkel around. Lately, this place has been attracting more and more day-trip tourists, but there is always space to launch and ride.

Day 8 Saturday: Parikia – We all knew this would end one day, and sadly we have to say goodbye. We’ll finish in the same place we started, close to the ferry port or a taxi stand if you wish to continue exploring the island or head to the airport.

Depending on wind conditions, people’s preferences, and kiteboarding/wing-foiling skills, the itinerary will be adjusted. We aim to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience, bringing you to perfect spots at the right times while avoiding rough seas. It’s possible the itinerary may miss some places described while spending more time in others, all with agreement of everybody on-board. 

How is the boat better than being on a location in terms of the wind?

A boat offers significant advantages when it comes to wind conditions, as the wind doesn’t always blow uniformly across all locations. Instead, it tends to blow more in some areas and less in others. With a boat, you have the flexibility to chase the wind in areas where it is lacking and find better, safer locations when the wind is too strong. This adaptability allows you to make the most of the varying wind conditions, ensuring an optimal experience whether you are sailing, kiteboarding, or simply enjoying the weather.


When do we return to the port on Saturday? My ferry leaves early in the morning.

The boat typically returns to the port of Parikia on Friday evening, with disembarkation scheduled for Saturday at 9 am. However, if you have an early ferry to catch on Saturday morning, we can accommodate your schedule and allow for an earlier disembarkation.

Moreover, if an unforeseen situation arises, we can disembark passengers even before Saturday, such as on Thursday or Friday. This is possible thanks to the reliable ferry connections available on all the islands. Please let us know your needs in advance so we can plan accordingly.

What exactly is included in the price?

We strive to provide the ultimate kiteboarding, wing-foiling and sailing adventure, complete with luxurious accommodations, exciting activities, and top-notch service. Here is a detailed list of what is included in the price:

Included in the Package:

  • Accommodation on Catamaran in Double Cabin(s) with Bathroom(s)
  • Bed linen
  • Skipper / Kite Guide
  • Surveillance and Rescue
  • Kite Spot information
  • Sightseeings / Organizing Activities

Included Additional Amenities:

  • Towels 
  • Professional Chef or Hostess
  • Full Board Food – 3 Meals per Day (Including Snacks, Fruits, and Soft drinks)
  • Alcohol Drinks
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Stand up paddle SUP
  • Subglider

Included Mandatory Services:

  • Yacht Insurance
  • Cleaning Service
  • Port Fees and Water
  • Yacht and Motorboat Fuel
  • Tourist and Local Taxes
What exactly is NOT included in the price?

Not Included in the Package:

  1. Transportation: Flights, ferries, and taxis to and from the departure and arrival locations are not included.

  2. Dinners Out: During the trip, we encourage our guests to experience the local cuisine and culture by enjoying two dinners at local restaurants. 

  3. Excessive Alcohol Consumption: While alcohol drinks are available as an additional amenity, excessive alcohol consumption is not covered. 

  4. Kiteboarding Kite Foil and Wing Foil Lessons: Kiteboarding and wing foil lessons are not included in the package price. If you wish to take lessons during your trip, please note that they will be at additional charge.

  5. Assistance: With this service, we are keeping you safe while you progress on your way to becoming an independent upwind rider. Service is intended for people who do not need more lessons but need more practice to be able to stay upwind. At the same time, we are making kite spots safer for other independed users on the water. Besides motor-boat escort and unlimited upwind motorboat reach this service includes assistance with kite setup and safety checks.

  6. Equipment Rentals: The package price does not cover the rental of kiteboarding, kite foiling and wing foiling equipment. If you wish to rent gear, please be aware that this will be an additional cost.


You have the option to pay your total booking cost upfront in one payment. However, we also offer a flexible instalment plan with specified deadlines, applicable to both “Private Cruise Bookings” and “Shared Cruise Cabin Bookings”:

  • 10% of the total booking cost is payable either at the time of booking or within 24 hours (as a reservation).
  • An additional 40% of the total booking cost should be settled no later than 30 days after the booking date.
  • The remaining 50% of the total booking cost must be paid no less than 60 days before the event start date (please refer to your booking for the exact date).

For bookings made between 90 and 60 days before the cruise start date (please refer to your initial deposit date: 

  • 10% of the total booking cost is payable either at the time of booking or within 24 hours (as a reservation).
  • An additional 90% of the total booking cost should be settled no later than 60 days after the booking date.

For bookings made less than 60 days before the cruise start date (please refer to your initial deposit date):

  • 10% of the total booking cost is payable either at the time of booking or within 24 hours (as a reservation).
  • An additional 90% of the total booking cost should be settled inside 72 hours after the booking date. Please note 100% payment has to be visible before boarding. 

“We understand that life can sometimes be unpredictable, leading to the need to cancel your booking. In such circumstances, we kindly request you to promptly notify us at Please note, all cancellations incur a cancellation fee plus a 5% administrative charge. The fee amount is determined by the timing of the cancellation in relation to your booking and cruise commencement date, and it is expressed as a percentage of your total booking cost:

  • Within the first 24 hours of booking or reserving: 0%
  • From 24 hours post booking up to 30 days from the booking date: 10%
  • From 31 days post booking until 91 days prior to the event date (please check your booking for the exact date): 50%
  • Within 90 days or less prior to the event date (please refer to your booking for the specific date): 100%

Please be advised, if your payment schedule does not correspond with the terms mentioned in the payments section of this page, your cancellation fees might vary from the ones outlined above, reflecting your specific payment terms. To avoid any misunderstandings, in case of a booking cancellation under a distinct payment plan, all payments received by us until the point of cancellation will be kept.”

Can I book as a single traveller?

When traveling solo, there are three different scenarios. For a better understanding, we will take as an example a double cabin double use (2 people) priced at 4,000 USD.

First, you are welcome to book a double cabin for single use and have it all to yourself. In this case, we can offer a 10% reduction in the price due to lower food costs, equating to 3,600 USD in our example.

Second, you can opt for a “sharing-a-cabin” preference, and we will try to find another person for you to share a cabin with. If we succeed, we can offer you a price of 50% or 2,000 USD in total.

The third option is when people opt for “sharing-a-cabin” but we do not succeed in finding a second person. In this case, we can offer a 20% reduction, and you get to enjoy a double cabin for single use. According to our example, the price would be 3,200 USD.



Why Kiteboarding Cruise Greece?

16 reasons why you should choose Kiteboarding Cruise

Unmatched Experience as pioneers in the Field: We were the first to offer kiteboarding cruises in the Cyclades, giving us unparalleled experience and expertise.

Customer Satisfaction: Our guests’ testimonials paint the most accurate picture of the exceptional service, exhilarating experiences, and lasting memories you can expect when you choose Kiteboarding Cruise Company.

Expert Crew: Our highly-trained crew is equipped to handle extreme conditions and ensure your safety.

Activities for Everyone: Our crew organizes additional activities and takes care of other arrangements, ensuring that both kiteboarders and non-kiteboarders have a fantastic time.

Reliable Equipment: We provide the latest Duotone kite, wing, and foil equipment for a reliable and enjoyable kiteboarding experience.

Personalized Itineraries: We tailor each cruise to our guests’ specific needs and preferences, making every trip a unique experience.

High Rate of Returning Guests: Our most compelling endorsement comes from the large number of guests who return time and again for more kiteboarding adventures with us. Their loyalty demonstrates the trust and satisfaction they have in our service and the extraordinary experiences we offer.

Boat Launch & Landing Expertise: Our crew is trained in safe boat-based kite and wing launching and landing techniques, ensuring a seamless experience.

Powerful Rescue Boat: Our upgraded rescue motor boat is capable of handling high winds and waves, ensuring a safe and reliable rescue service when needed.

Innovative Teaching Methods: Our unique approach to instruction makes kiteboarding accessible and enjoyable for everyone, even beginners.

Safety Precautions: We emphasize safety, with crew members well-versed in potential dangers and preventive measures, thus ensuring a secure and worry-free experience.

Authentic Greek Experience: Our local knowledge allows us to provide a unique and immersive experience, showcasing the best of Greek culture, cuisine, and scenery.

Flexible Equipment Options: With a wide range of gear on board, you can travel light and have peace of mind knowing that we can handle any equipment needs or issues. We know how to quickly fix things or/and provide a supplement so your vacation can continue.

Direct Communication: By booking directly with us, you have the advantage of discussing your preferences and requirements without a middleman.

Eco-Friendly Practices: We prioritize sustainable tourism to minimize our environmental impact and promote responsible kiteboarding.

Better Value: Direct booking with us offers more value for your money compared to third-party platforms.

Are cruises organised and operated by your company, or do you act as a reseller for other providers' cruises?

We are proud to say that we directly execute all our kiteboarding cruises. We do not outsource or sell other people’s cruises. This allows us to maintain our high standards of service, safety, and expertise, ensuring you receive an exceptional experience.

By booking directly with us, you receive more value for your money compared to booking through third-party platforms. Additionally, you’ll have the benefit of communicating with us directly, without the need for a middleman, ensuring that your discussed preferences will be met on board.

What are the top locations for kitesurfing and wing foiling in Greece?

Please look at our itinerary to see what are the best kite and wing foil spots in the Cyclades in Greece. The best kite and wing locations in Greece are situated in the Cyclades region and they are only reachable by boat. A catamaran, with its shallow draft, is ideal for accessing these perfect spots and getting close to the shore. The islands of Paros, Antiparos, Mykonos, Naxos, and Kaufonesia are the top picks for kitesurfing, kite foiling, and wing foiling, providing the best conditions in Greece. 

Do we need to chase the wind, or does the wind blow uniformly throughout the Cyclades?

A boat offers significant advantages when it comes to wind conditions, as the wind doesn’t always blow uniformly across all locations. Instead, it tends to blow more in some areas and less in others. With a boat, you have the flexibility to chase the wind in areas where it is lacking and find better, safer locations when the wind is too strong. This adaptability allows you to make the most of the varying wind conditions, ensuring an optimal experience whether you are sailing, kiteboarding, or simply enjoying the weather.

What are the advantages of taking kite/wing/foil lessons from a boat?

Taking kite/wing/foil lessons from a boat provides several advantages. Firstly, the instructor is always within close proximity to the student, enabling them to provide guidance and feedback in real-time while ensuring the student’s safety. The instructor can also escort the student with a motorboat, bringing them upwind and saving them time and energy that would otherwise be spent walking back upwind on the beach or water. Moreover, during a brief break-up-wind drive, students can receive additional tips on how to improve their skills and take a well-deserved break.

What is the best time of year for kitesurfing in Greece?

The optimal time to visit Greece for kitesurfing, kite foiling, wing foiling, and sailing is during the summer season, which lasts from May to October. This is primarily due to two reasons: the consistent and strong Meltemi wind, and the high air temperatures with low humidity. During this time, tourists from all over the world flock to Greece, bringing the area to life with a bustling nightlife and open tavernas and restaurants. Despite the crowds, you can still maintain a sense of privacy and control your own pace once aboard a ferry, which is typically not too crowded.

Which location in Greece is the safest and ideal for beginners to learn kiteboarding, and wing foiling?

The best and safest place for beginners to learn kitesurfing, kiteboarding, and wing foiling in Greece is where the school has qualified staff who are knowledgeable about the area and local conditions and where there are not many other people using same spot. Using a catamaran and rescue boat allows learners to steer clear of crowds and provides a safer and easier environment for learning. Our kite and wing foil lessons / kite wing school offers private lessons with one instructor per student, using the latest complete kite/wing/foil equipment, motor-boat escort, and learning techniques. Constant motor-boat assistance and unlimited upwind motor-boat reach are also included. With the motor-boat escort, we can reach more secure and private areas, away from potential beach dangers and crowds, thus keeping our students safer and providing more space and fewer distractions for faster progress.

How long does it take to learn kitesurfing?

In typical onshore conditions, it can take around 16 hours to learn how to kitesurf. However, when learning from our boat, you can learn in as little as 6-8 hours. There are several reasons why this method is more effective. Firstly, our instructors can provide constant feedback and guidance throughout the lesson as they remain close to the student. Secondly, we conduct our lessons in private areas away from crowds, minimizing distractions and increasing focus. Thirdly, we utilize a motorboat to bring the student upwind, giving them time to rest and regain their strength. Fourthly, we do not include the time needed to assemble and disassemble equipment within the lesson hour, ensuring that students receive the full hour for instruction. Finally, students can take short breaks at any time and enjoy refreshments like water that we carry on board the boat.

What are the worst months to visit Greece?

There are no worst months to visit Greece, but due to cold temperatures of the air and sea, we do not offer cruises during the winter months. During this time, we offer kitesurfing, kiteboarding, and wing foiling cruises in the Caribbean, on Antigua and Barbuda, and in the Grenadines.

I am still struggling with staying upwind while kiteboarding/wing-foiling. Is this cruise suitable for me, and do I need to pre-book lessons?

Yes, this cruise is suitable for you even if you’re still working on your upwind skills in kiteboarding or wing-foiling. It seems you do not need additional lessons but merely assistance. Instead of providing formal lessons, our experienced crew will offer you “Assistance.” This approach allows you to save some money and progress quickly to become an independent rider.