about us

The minute we got addicted to kiteboarding is the minute Kiteboarding Cruise was born.

Captain Tomaz

Thomas has more than 20 years of skippering experience and great knowledge of yacht charter. Civil engineer by profession, he has followed his passion for kitesurfing and sailing after the crash of construction market. He developed the concept of catamaran kite cruises in Croatia and kite launch from the boat in the natural setting with only few beaches appropriate for kitesurfing. All this before discovering similar cruises on other parts of the world. His well thought kite launch from the boat impresses even the most doubtful kiters. Going out of his way to bring the guests to best kite locations in the area and maximize time on water, night sailings are his specialty. As a kiteboarder and instructor, he knows the nature of the sport and safety percautions.

His favorite sailing and kitesurfing ground? "
Impossible to decide, the Grenadines, Croatia, Greece, all of them are awesome in their unique way. And I’m already planning on the next discovery."


Our mission is to make the most out of your active vacation, discovering new spots every day, enjoying private kite sessions, tasting delicious food and always be surrounded with amazing scenery.


Dasha the organizer, the thinker, booking and back office support. She will find the best option for you and choose only the newest and best models of charter yachts, always having in mind the comfort of guests and crew.
The youngest on the team, their daughters, a constant fountain of love and inspiration. Huge helpers, big troublemakers, beautiful souls and the best life coaches.
Others on the team: chefs and hostesses, additional kite instructors and assistants, carefully selected to match the requirements of guests on private and shared cruises.

Why us?

We can reach the best and otherwise unreachable kite spots where you can enjoy private kite sessions with your friends - having the comfort of catamaran always nearby. If you're looking for a quiet evening or anything but quiet - we know exactly where to go.
You can launch and grab safely from the yacht while anchored. Crew is present every step of the way - from kite launch until you are onboard and equipment is secured.
We understand the weather in relation to terrain diversity which is fundamental to provide good kite conditions and safety.
local people
We know the people which means you will have the best treat there is and - most importantly - no matter what happens, from kite repairs to health issues, we will fix it.
We offer you full service throughout the kite cruise. Once you reach the marina you can enjoy the ride and we'll take care of a stress free kite and sail holiday.