It's about escaping the cold winter, experiencing new spots every day, kite surf till the sunset, swim with turtles, meet the locals and spend the time of your life!

Kiteboarders or not, a kite trip across the the Grenadines is indeed a journey in paradise.

The best period for the Grenadines kite cruise is during dry season from mid December till beginning of May during which time weather is sunny, water is warm and winds are reliable. With wind strength between 15 and 25 knots you might use kite sizes between 9 and 14 meter. Outside this period air temperatures and humidity rises and winds get lighter.

The Grenadines islands provide amazing spots for kiteboarding, from totally flat spots to more choppy and there are waves as well, if preffered. Spots are safe and you get briefed on possible dangers. You can launch your kite from sandy beaches close to the boat or straight off the boat. If you want a break, you can easily land your kite of the boat, eat some snack and continue when ready - crew will help you do it safely and without any unnecessary swimming.


This is the place where you can kitesurf among turtles, ride around small sandy islands...too small to even land a kite... with crystal clear turquoise waters, you can ride above the reefs or just around the boat so we can do some nice photos and drone footage of you. After session you can put a mask on and snorkel around the coral reefs enjoying rich sea life just few meters away from the boat or take the stand up and paddle board and make another workout. Or just ask your chef for another rum-punch, read the book and enjoy the view!


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Drone Kite Shots

To put a different perspective on your new experience, drone is used all the time capturing your activities in this truly amazing landscape. Each evening you would all sit down and enjoy the footage.

This vacation will be even more memorable and easy to share with your friends.

  SERVICE CUSTOM NO STRESS   Accomodation on Catamaran in
Double Cabin(s) with Bathroom(s)

Bed linen included included included   Skipper / Kite Guide included included   Surveillance and Rescue included included   Kite Spot information included included   Sightseeings / Organizing Activities included included   Kite Gear at Special Prices
Pre-Ordering option possible possible   Tips & Suggestions
with Monitoring and Advices included included   Towels optional included   Professional Chef or Hostess optional included   Full Board Food - 3 Meals per Day
Including Snacks, Fruits and Soft drinks optional included   Half Board Food - 2 Meals ped Day
Including Snacks, Fruits and Soft drinks optional     Alcohol Drinks optional included   WI-FI Internet optional included   Red Paddle SUP - see more.. optional included   new! SUBGLIDER - see more.. optional included   GoPro Picture and Video material optional included   new! DRONE - Picture and Video material! optional included   new! WOO Sports - see more... optional included   Yacht Insurance obligatory included   Cleaning Service obligatory included   Port Fees and Water obligatory included   Yacht and Motor boat Fuel obligatory included   Kite Gear rental optional optional   Kite Lessons optional optional
service is included in price listed
service is a matter of preference and as such not included in price listed
service is mandatory for payment at the yacht base and is not included in price listed

Going Ashore
There is always have a chance to go ashore, you can always walk across sandy beach, make some photos of your friends, have a drink from small local bars close-by and find company of likeminded people. On some islands you can climb a hill and see iguanas, some islands are perfect for sunsets and some are good to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Food Arrangements
Full board is highly recommended to have a minimal impact on activities and overall itinerary, but Half board is also an option and chance for you to discover even more of the islands and local food. Food is prepared by your chef during your activities and starts with rich breakfast followed by a first snack, lunch, second snack and dinner. We will ask you to fill “Food Preference List“ in order to avoid serving food that you do not like or you have some dietary restrictions. During your cruise we typically go out for one lobster dinner prepared by the locals inside the national park.

Party Options
If you are looking for a good party where the whole island is dancing on the street than you should for sure book the New Year’s period, it’s one of the kind. If you miss that one than you still have a chance to visit one of the full moon beach parties that take place every month with good vibes and chance to dance organised by Jeremy Tronet, he would also put-up a kite show for you to enjoy. There are bars open on most locations - a famous one is called “Happy Island” where we would usually enjoy the sunset while chef is preparing dinner.

How to Get Here
One option is to fly directly to Union Island however flights might be more expensive and there is luggage limitation. Best option to discover Grenadines is to embark on Grenada Island or if you can not find good flight connection try flying to Martinique or St. Lucia. They both involve more sailing hours (about 100 Nautical miles) to reach the Grenadines and it is never a boring sail as we use this time to get to know each-other, get to know what are your expectations as in the meanwhile we are catching fish, sail with dolphins and admire magnificent Pitons of St. Lucia and landscape of St. Vincent.

Price per cruising period
For Single use
380 USD
For Couple use
560 USD

Kite Gear Rental


In case you need lessons and the rest of the group doesn’t, we have full time kite instructor on board which gives you more flexibility to continue to discover new location everyday without the group having to compromise anything. Lessons are always done one-on-one to ensure you progress quickly and safely.

Price per person
Price per 1 hour (60 min)
100 USD
Certified Instructor
Kite Gear
Motor boat

Drone Kite Shots

Besides regular kite gear we also keep foil board on board if this is something you want to try. It's a foil with 4 different masts sizes with sole purpose of keeping you safe and progressing with ease. With our instruction and support it takes less than 20 minutes before your first successful fly ride and from there it only gets up - possibly reaching the highest mast by the end of the cruise.