Sailing is the perfect way to to experience this beauty up close, including the otherwise inaccessible island coves and villages.

Founded on the ruins of Roman Empire country uniquely combines a Slavic heart with a Mediterranean soul.

With pleasant summer winds and over 1500 coves, bays and ports on the islands the Croatian Adriatic is one of the best place for a kitesurfing and sailing holiday. Various civilizations and cultures that had influenced Croatia over the centuries have left their legacy and contributed to a rich and diverse culture.

Kiteboarding spots in general goes from total flat to medium choppy as there are almost no bigger wave spots. Wind expectancy is between 15 and 20 knots and only rarely 30 knots. All the spots and other activities are presented and discuses daily usually over dinner so you can get the most out of your vacation.


Itinerary consist of following the best wind conditions and visiting all the best kite spots. On this route or close proximity we can include visiting the hidden, build inside a rock Monastery that was used to explore the stars, visiting the Hvar village with castle and night life, visiting Marco Polo birth city of Korcula, dinghy ride inside the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island, visiting Diocletian Palace in Split, one of the most imposing Roman ruins, visiting the famous village of Bol on Brac Island or even visit the Ancient City Walls of Dubrovnik. If preferred we can go completely off grid and enjoy quiet and clean water bays.

Beginners and non kiteboarders are also very welcomed as they can take some lessons or just enjoy the cruise with sightseeing and other activities.


Drone Kite Shots

To put a different perspective on your new experience, drone is used all the time capturing your activities in this truly amazing landscape. Each evening you would all sit down and enjoy the footage.

This vacation will be even more memorable and easy to share with your friends.


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  Accomodation on Catamaran in
Double Cabin(s) with Bathroom(s)

Bed linen included
included included
  Skipper / Kite Guide included included
  Surveillance and Rescue included included
  Kite Spot information included included
  Sightseeings / Organizing Activities included included
  Kite Gear at Special Prices
Pre-Ordering option
possible possible
  Tips & Suggestions
with Monitoring and Advices
included included
  Towels optional included
  Professional Chef or Hostess optional included
  Full Board Food - 3 Meals per Day
Including Snacks, Fruits and Soft drinks
optional included
  Half Board Food - 2 Meals ped Day
Including Snacks, Fruits and Soft drinks
  Alcohol Drinks optional included
  WI-FI Internet optional included
  Red Paddle SUP - see more.. optional included
  new! SUBGLIDER - see more.. optional included
  GoPro Picture and Video material optional included
  new! DRONE - Picture and Video material! optional included
  new! WOO Sports - see more... optional included
  Yacht Insurance obligatory included
  Cleaning Service obligatory included
  Port Fees and Water obligatory included
  Yacht and Motor boat Fuel obligatory included
  Tourist and Local Taxes obligatory included
  Kite Gear rental optional optional
  Kite Lessons optional optional
service is included in price listed
service is a matter of preference and as such not included in price listed
service is mandatory for payment at the yacht base and is not included in price listed

For people who's idea of vacation revolves around kiteboarding but wants to experience more. In the afternoon we would pick a spot for kiteboarding while non-kiteboarders would explore the island or relax on the boat. The wind window between 2 and 7 pm leaves us plenty of time for sightseeing, snorkeling, sunbathing and cruising to the new destinations. The villages are best visited after dinner when the lights go out, bars get crowded and people gather. On no-wind day we can organize four-wheeler trips across the islands, scuba diving, hiking, different guided tours, skydiving and more. It is one of those trips where even mothers can get some quality and stress free time.

You will be amazed to find such historical, beautiful and in so many ways perfect holiday destination in such a small country besides an average of 2,600 hours of sunlight yearly, it is one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe.

Price per cruising period
For Single use
290 EUR
For Couple use
440 EUR

Kite Gear Rental


In case you need lessons and the rest of the group doesn’t, we have full time kite instructor on board which gives you more flexibility to continue to discover new location everyday without the group having to compromise anything. Lessons are always done one-on-one to ensure you progress quickly and safely.

Price per person
Price per 1 hour (60 min)
80 EUR
Certified Instructor
Kite Gear
Motor boat

Drone Kite Shots

Besides regular kite gear we also keep foil board on board if this is something you want to try. It's a foil with 4 different masts sizes with sole purpose of keeping you safe and progressing with ease. With our instruction and support it takes less than 20 minutes before your first successful fly ride and from there it only gets up - possibly reaching the highest mast by the end of the cruise, how does that sounds?


Good wind conditions
The NW wind blows during the summer. It usually starts between 10 and 11 a.m. then reaches its greatest strength between 2 and 3 p.m., and blows right untill sunset.

Kiteboarding spots
We have reached the unreachable locations and we love them! Times of crowded places are over, now you can have a private sessions with your friends on top kite locations.

Ideally laid out islands
The 66 islands, 652 islets, 389 rocks and 78 reefs are separated by no more than 10 nautical miles - making the Croatian Adriatic ideal for kiteboarding and sailing cruises.

Sea water
Adriatic sea water is clean and warm. It comes in many colours from green to blue. Waters are safe from sharks and whales. You might get lucky and see a dolphin sometimes.